Welcome To Essen

300SL restoration shop located in Mexico with a passion for customer satisfaction.

At hands of the award–winner, and renown Mexican car restorer–Fernando Gomez Urquiza–Essen Service provides one of the most comprehensive restoration techniques based on 35 years of experience of absolute dedication to Mercedes' 300SL model.

With total devotion and a desire for perfection, these machines are carefully crafted to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of the vehicle, with the creation of an automotive masterpiece as the sole objective.

Even though 300SL's are the shop's object of focus, Essen does not limit itself to these restorations alone. With over 100 cars of all makes restored, their expertise expands well over Gullwing's limits. You fancy a Pebble Beach winner? They can make it.


Throughout the years, Fernando's work has been widely recognized and deserving of international attention.